TOP UP - International mobile

The Recharge service allows you to instantly recharge the mobile phones of your loved ones anywhere in the world. For example, if you live in Paris or Miami, you can recharge the mobile phone of your parents or friends in Brazzaville or Singapore in 1 minute. So you make them happy and stay in touch with them.

This service also makes it possible to financially support our loved ones. If you can’t send them money, you can send them units that they can use as currency in some countries. The service is available to more than 150 destinations.

You can also encourage them to call you more often!

How it works ?

1. Create / Log in to your Direk2U account

2. Enter the prepaid mobile number of your correspondent

3. Select the desired top-up amount

4. SEND and the beneficiary receives the recharge

Money transfer - Mobile MONEY

Mobile money enables people to receive, hold and spend money using their mobile phones. With mobile money, your phone number matches your account number! You may also see it as “mobile wallet!”

Namely, there are over 260 mobile wallet services around the world, most of them located in Africa, Asia or Latin America. In regions where the access to banking is often very low. Most of the time, mobile money is offered by your telephone operator, regardless of your package (prepaid or monthly payment).

DIREK 2U meets several daily payment needs. It is just as possible to transfer money to friends to pay them back, as it is to pay bills or a restaurant bill! In some countries there is a link between mobile payments and physical branches, since it is possible to withdraw your money there! Users particularly appreciate the ease of use, security, and ease of these solutions: a simple telephone signal is enough to send or receive money.

How it works ?

1. Create / Log in to your Direk2U account

2- Enter the Mobile Money number and the recipient's identity

3- Enter the amount you want to send

4 - SEND and the beneficiary's account is credited ...